2020 Accommodations:

Our guests will enjoy their stay in a magnificent lodge located on a hardwood ridge and is the ideal place for an unforgettable outdoor experience. Located in a secluded area far from the city, traffic and pollution, you will appreciate the fresh air, the singing of the birds and you will enjoy being lulled by the melodious silence of an area almost absent of noise. The lodge has an upper floor where you’ll find comfortable and well-appointed rooms that can accommodate up to six hunters. You will enjoy the luxury of a full bathroom, fireplace and much more. While staying with us, you will be served three home cooked meals a day, transportation to our hunting sites, a shooting range for hunters, and more. To help maintain our black bear population and to ensure a quality hunt year after year, we are trying to spare females with cubs as much as possible.

Revision date January 25th 2020